Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Paper Zoo!! =)

This is an assignment for Sketching and Communications. The title of this mini project was called "Paper Zoo." Our class was divided into six different groups, each of the groups were responsible to paint one water colored background asset for their specific bio-area of the Zoo. And then from there, individually, basically what we had to do was divide the property into the 6 bio-area's of the wild and draw 2 line art sketched animal representations per bio-area and place them on the water-colored backgrounds through Adobe photoshop.
Here are my lovely creations: 
The Savannah Bio-area.
The Polar Bio-area.

The Northern Plains Bio-area.
The Ocean Bio-area.
The Rainforest Bio-area.
The Desert Bio-area.
Special thanks to for my animal definitions.

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