Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vector Illustration Project.

This is my vector illustration project for my New Media Tools class.

For this project we were to digitize an image from our sketchbook or other source.  Basically what we had to do was transform a sketch either one of our own or someone else's (with their permission of course) and then digitally render it in Adobe Illustrator. My instructor approved my own personal Shakira Sketch. 

This is my Original Sketch:

& Here Is My Finished Digital Illustration:

Color Selection:
In my above final image, towards the left I have included 10 swatches of different colors that I have used to complete the final product. This is the main basis of my overall color scheme.


The j.peg photograph of Shakira (shown above)  gave me inspiration to draw the sketch of her I used for this vector illustration project. I sketched that image a few years back, but in my own perspective, I totally flipped her over facing a different way/ position. But in my final vector illustration project, I added a sense of realism to Shakira's overall outlook ; in a sense took her from the sketchbook and or canvas and brought her to life. The above image  mentioned before was also one of the main images which was used for her 2001 "Laundry Service" album, which included a few of her popular #1 hit singles:
1. Objection (Tango)
2. Underneath your clothes.
"Shakira was one of and still continues to be one of my personal favorite female singer's. Her songs are defiantly a MUST to have a listen to; she gives off a sense of a Latin, rhythmic feel. Consisting of using both the English Language as well as Spanish through her lyrics. I just find her voice to be quite outstanding and she carry's out her vocals with the utter most excellence, which is what differentiates her from many other typical artists and musicians. She is very unique and although not as much in the spotlight in this year (2010), she is still currently continuing to release amazing singles!"
 A few of her new 2010 Hit Songs Consist of:
1. Rabiosa ft. Pitbull
2. Canicon Nuevo
3. Addicted to you


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