Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Skateboarding Is Pretty Rad...& Yes it is a Sport (My Progress: Creating My Skate Deck Design)

- the worlds greatest sport, art, lifestyle, and complete and utter freedom ever known to mankind!!

INSPIRATION (What inspired me to create my deck)
My Personal Favorite Skater "JB Gillet" : 

I visited two local skate parks to get some idea's, I managed to get a few shots both in the afternoon as well as of  two friends of mine at night:

-To create and design the back of a skate deck in a creative matter focusing on the theme: PREDATORS (how we interpret it).

But then I wondered...

The Arnold Scwarzenegger action movie in which a group of commando's must take on a seemingly invincible alien, drawn to violence.

A person or animal that preys on others.

First Things First; I need a Skateboard deck!!

  • Wal-mart ($17)
  •  Canadian Tire ($15)
  • West 49 (Blank Deck--> $50)
  • So Hip It Hurts  (Blank Deck-->$40 ; Normal Deck: $80)
 Though Wal-mart and Canadian Tire seemed to be the cheapest places to purchase a deck; they were by far "Out of the Question" in my books because I'm a perfectionist and I wanted nothing but the Best!! So rather than going to West 49; I ventured into the city to the store "So Hip It Hurts." 

I had high hopes of buying a $40 blank deck; unfortunately they had none in stock and I could not wait 3 weeks to go back down and purchase as stupid as this may sound; at the corner of my eye I glimsped an Element Skate Deck that was beyond unique and it was beautiful...I'm not a skater but I just had to have it, though it was pricey ($80) it was a deck of very high quality and the oak finish on top was by far to my liking. Go Big or go home is my motto.

 I started off with this blank deck template in Adobe Illustrator CS5; the size  specifications I used was for a 7.75 x 31.25 sized skateboard; as shown below:
Then it was time to put my ideas into images...
The main thing i wanted on my board was an image of some sort of shark so I sketched an image and scanned it into illustrator and basically with the use of the pen tool i vectorized my sketch into this:

Zoomed Out View of My Workspace.
Zoomed in view of my Oh So Dangerous Looking Shark.
 I then sketched out my name in a graffiti format, scanned it into my computer;did some editing and came up with this:
  Unfortunately it did not work too well with my shark so I instead decided to do a graffiti- inspired cartoonish look:
Zoomed Out View Of My Workspace # 2
Zoomed in a bit
 Now that I had my main and overall concept completed; it was time to add in a background:
 I wanted my deck's background to have a more realistic grunge type of look so it would be a contrast to the cartoon stuff; so I created the background in Adobe Photoshop with the use of different shades of blue as well as a lighter accented blue to make it seem like a streaming wave . This all gave it a Grunge Ocean-style kind of feel:

Final Step;Putting It All Together:

As a Side Project:
I decided to take an old skate deck and spray paint a design on it rather than using computer generated graphics.I first lightly sketched everything with pencil before spray painting.This is a skate deck portrait of myself that I have recently created with the use of 5 different colors of spray paint as well as the use of stencils to create the effect towards the bottom....this is my end result..the girl on my deck is supposed to kind of have a look like me ;D (Simply click on the image below to enlarge)
This month was my first time  working on and designing skate decks, I actually quite enjoyed it very much; though with the spray painted board it was alot harder and a longer process for each time you would have to wait for the paint to dry on each layer. But despite that,a few more deck designs are currently being worked on and in the process as we speak. I have some interested skaters on the market.

Hope you all liked the turnout!!♥

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