Monday, January 31, 2011

Minskoa 71

Min Skoa 71 "My Shoe" is a school project I will be working on for a footwear company, here is where I will be creating a limited edition shoe campaign poster for the release of this company's shoe launch throughout and in North America. I will be going through and following different milestones in order to get to my final product result which includes doing a lot of brainstorming, planning, research and the use of images etc. 

Brainstorming Can Be Very Time Consuming...
Define A Mind Map...According to :1)trademark  a diagrammatic method of representing ideas, with related concepts arranged around a core concept.
2)a diagram used to represent ideas or information branching from a central key word or idea and used as an aid in study, organization, problem-solving, decision making, and writing.

I have spent about 40 minutes brainstorming different ideas and concepts, my above mind map will further more help me to develop a more detailed idea of what my miniskoa story is going to be about. Brainstorming can benefit you by helping develop a more specific ideal.
Total Amount of Brainstorming time: 40 minutes


Total Amount of time spent on cleaning up shoe: 15 minutes


MinSkoa Sketches!! ((Design Concept Idea))

I sketched out the shoe I will be using in my Minskoa design -->Above you can see I'm using a Stiletto style shoe. It will be located in the middle of my poster design (The Main Attraction) for obvious reasons. I want my design to be very unique to the extent of being extremely creative. I think the use of bright artistic appealing colors...the vibrance of this in the background will draw a lot of attention to the final result and having the heel of the shoe splattered in a paint puddle will give that WOW factor. My slogan for my shoe is: "Color Your World". Think of my above design as something that would be on a huge canvas in which an artist has just painted and or created! ((A Magnificent Piece Of Art)).

Total Amount of time: 35 minutes


Total Amount of time: 20 minutes

Below is my FINAL MinSkoa Shoe Poster Design:

This is my official end result for my poster, I used splashes of vibrant and bright colors to keep in mind the whole idea of something an artist would create.It's a very fun look on things and this shoe could be worn for a night out on the town going clubbing,partying or to a cocktail event. You can wear it to an elegant occasion or wear it with something casual. But the shoe in itself keeps in mind the whole story and fits it to the utter most of perfection. 

Total time spent on Final Result: 3 hours

Minskoa 71: "Color Your World"

I hope everyone enjoyed the overall end result of my Final Shoe Poster

Any and all feedback would be more than great!! =)

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