Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 7 Patters & Textures...(Elegance Is Bliss-Shower Me With Gifts)

Week 7...This week's texture pattern theme is "Elegance Is Bliss."  The above images are pictures I myself have taken... Image 1 is a macro shot of a gift ribbon, Image 2 is a closeup of a Valentine Tiffany jewelery gift box & Image 3 is a shot of the side of a gift bag. These all have a huge similarity which is that they all emit some sort of elegant look towards them, in each of its unique ways. Also; they are all gift oriented. All these pictures are Property of "Tori Alexandria" BUT...If you are to use any of my above pictures, textures and or patterns, could you Please credit me & in case you would like to see the 3 images closer;you can just simply click on the image in order to get it to become larger ...Thanks in advance!!=)

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