Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 8 Patters & Textures...(Cracked Pavements & Beautiful Mosaics)

Week 8...This week's texture pattern theme is "Cracked Pavements & Beautiful Mosaics."  
I decided to photograph images based on this theme for I find mosaic art to be exceptionally beautiful and picturesque. Some mosaic's tend to follow a certain pattern and shape but others tend to not have identical shapes but instead follow a color repetition. The above images are photographs I myself took..Image 1-Vase made out of broken glass zoomed close, Image 2- Macro Shot of a flower pot, & Image 3- Focused area of my kitchen bistro table. The similarity with these 3 photos are that they all tend to follow the characteristics of a mosaic style; type of art with its enriched colors making each individual texture stand out in a significant way. All these above pictures are Property of "Tori Alexandria" BUT...If you are to use any of my above pictures, textures and or patterns, could you Please credit me & in case you would like to see the 3 images closer;you can just simply click on the image in order to get it to become larger ...Thanks in advance!!=)

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